A downloadable game for Windows


This game was made in 10 days for the Scream Game Jam 2020.

We are still working on this project, so there are a lot of things that we will still add, including a proper storyline, more mechanics and bugfixes. If you want to play it to rate the submission, feel free to download and try it! If you are a horror games fan, or want to make content out of this (record a video, for example), we recommend that you wait until 30/10/2020 (1 week after the Scream Game Jam ended) so you can download a more detailed and polished version.

WASD - Moving
Shift - Run
E - Interact


Roommate_1.2.zip 333 MB


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This game has literally changed my life, it is a game of pure genius, the gameplay is amazing and it has a just huge lifespan with amazing graphics, not to mention this amazing storyline. thank you for this extraordinary experience ...

* no, I'm kidding, that's a lot of shit.

This game got me good. The lack of sound and performing the mundane tasks around the apartment lulled me into a sense of security to the point I was asking myself "where's the horror"  -  that is until the last task popped up. I really enjoyed it and included it with my weekly double feature videos. Nicely done thzoid! 

The fact that there was no noise until the monster pops up was the scariest part of the games! Mad Props!!


I have never panicked more than when "Escape" showed up on the screen

hey Roommate game horror 2020 cool ! 


why dies the killer have braces lmao

How quickly a game picks up, just when I least expected it! I’m a big fan of the visual style used here and, without giving anything away, the game gave me quite a spook when the time was right. Well done! 

I tried this and 17 other games from this jam! Roommate is the second to last game in the video and obviously the thumbnail is based on it. Not sure there was an ending to be achieved and boy was the base game tedious (especially because of no sound) but I think I get the joke ^^

The way the game orders me to do basic things to survive feels like my conscience or a friend who cares for me drags my depressed butt into doing basic stuff so that I don't rot and starve to death. Just how I feel in real life.

Gostei da triha sonora do jogo!

Me lembra a vida real :D


The game had no sounds when i played it.

the game is in development and they gonna add a OST in the future, but thx for the feedback :D

damn so creepy

i like you gamessss